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More than a decade, THE TURNKEY GROUP has built a unique professional reputation by combining basic architectural principles, with intelligent imagination, which has produced projects that are both distinctive and practical. The firm has successfully established its reputation in both the public and private sectors, for its client-oriented services with honesty, commitment and hard work.

All projects regardless of their size, receive the same detailed attention and personal dedication that has become the trademark of our firm. We have developed architecture that reflects the depth and diversity of our clientele, innovative ideas, and character. Our goal is to achieve a project of enduring quality for our clients and the community in which the project is built. THE TURNKEY GROUP brings its expertise to both new construction and renovation projects as an architectural, planning, and interior firm. Our aim is to respond to our client’s needs and to reflect our client’s image, whether we are designing a new project or renovating an existing one. Our diverse portfolio includes a wide range of projects, including, corporate Offices, Banks, Factories, Showrooms, Residences & Farm houses.

From concept to final product each stage is meticulously planned and then executed. Our Digital Prowess allows us to include in the initial stages our comprehensive design services whether through AutoCAD or manual design, 3D presentation or Model making. These inanimate ideas are then translated into living realities through our allied services covering each aspect of construction and finishing.

At THE TURNKEY GROUP we use a team approach encouraging all team members to contribute their ideas, experience, and unique perspectives to the success of the project. This team approach ensures that each project is thoroughly developed. The critical architectural, interior, and special technical aspects are given the attention they deserve and total firm commitment. Regardless of the size of the project, we achieve design excellence on time and within budget.



An aim to provide a dedicated team of professionals who work to improve the standards of our built environment; an aim achieved by our deep involvement in the design and execution of each Architectural and Interior project.


An aim to ensure that the teams mobilized to your projects are competent and qualified professionals, specialist and consultants who are well aware of the contemporary architectural and interior design needs and its execution – with an acute understanding of the requirements of our own local markets and environment.

THE TURNKEY GROUP is Experience & Expertise

An aim to employ to each project all the hands-on experience and expertise gleaned on diverse projects varying from major commercial ventures to both large, medium and small industrial and residential projects.

No project is too big or to small, for each project we ensure that the expertise and human resource mobilized is custom built to suit our client’s idiosyncrasies, their needs, budgets and tastes.

Our vast and diversified portfolio is testament to our commitment to quality in built environment.


Dear Sir,

Today’s design and construction environments are as dynamic and demanding as any other industry and more so because here a lot depends on not just the expertise mobilizing the project but strength, competency and reliability of its network partners.

THE TURNKEY GROUP offers you just that – its services as your most trusted and reliable network partner, who deliver every time.

THE TURNKEY GROUP is a full service architectural and interior design firm. Since its inception over twenty years ago, the firm has produced creative design solutions to meet the goals and objectives of our clients, from conceptual design to construction.

The firm’s staff consists of talented & experienced professionals with the goal to provide the personalized support and personal commitment that is the hallmark of a small dedicated team attached to your project but coupled with the capacity, dependability and specialization afforded by larger organizations.

Our diversity, through design skills and technical resources combined with thorough knowledge of the latest advances in construction and building technologies and materials, enables us to develop practical design solutions that meet and understand the objectives of clients, by balancing factors of aesthetics, economics and function. We do this by using analytical tools and computer modeling to understand the climatic interaction between the built form and its surrounding.

Our company provides a full range of turnkey solutions from architectural and interior designs to construction and renovation services, all with a strong emphasis on attention to detail.

For a more comprehensive understanding of our capability attached is a brief synopsis of our company and the projects that we have successfully handled over the last decade and a half.

Should you have any other queries please feel free to call on us at any time. We look forward to working with you in the near future and pray for a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Yours truly,


Chief Executive

The Turnkey Group