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Chemie water technologies is the most reliable source in the water treatment industry. CWT manufactures and supplies an extensive range of specialty chemicals & state of art technological equipment to meet the water treatment hick ups in the market and provide one window solution.


CWT is the most reliable source in technological equipment.


CWT manufactures and supplies an extensive range of specialty chemicals.
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Our Chemicals

CWT covers all areas of water treatment chemicals for Reverse Osmosis, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Wastewater, etc.

CWT is well aware of its responsibility towards CSR and invest in contributions for a safer, healthier and greener environment and eventually, a prosperous Pakistan.

Boiler Chemicals


Cooling Tower Chemicals


Reverse Osmosis Chemicals


Wastewater Treatment Chemicals


Reverse Osmosis Systems

Chemie Water Technologies builds the complete Brackish and Seawater Reverse Osmosis systems

Ion Exchange System

Ion exchange process in water treatment is also known as Demineralization.

Ultrafiltration System

Ensuring availability of adequate supplies of clean water is set to be the number one global issue in the future.

Waste & Recylcing

Chemie Water Technologies Develops Waste Water treatment Plant utilizing their international partners’ technologies.

Technology Partners

Chemie Water Technologies partners with BASF for RO Chemicals and offers finished products with the brand name Sokalan RO as an exclusive distributor.

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