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Little Hands school provides a high standard of care, education and learning Opportunities, Children are able to explore a rich and diverse range of activities within a flexible, Stimulating, inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

We aim to help the Children develop, respect for others, themselves and the event. The Montessori Method believes children learn directly from their surround and from others. The teachers are there to facilitate the children’s exploration and creativity. All subjects are interwoven and the child learns at his/her own pace. This helps each child to gain independence and confidence, and be proud of their achievements. Montessori child is very Adaptable due to the freedom of choice and self-confidence they develop. They learn to Work independently as well as in groups.


We promote a healthy relationship between the .parents and teachers to ensure harmony and cooperation between the home and school. We have competent and dedicated teachers on our staff to help us.nurtu.re your child through constant guidance and encouragement.


The Montessori methods have a great influence on the early development of a child. We at Little Hands realize the tremendously absorbent nature of a child’s- mind and thus have prepared a special environment for them.

  • We believe n educating the child and developing a wholesome personality through constant encouragement, reinforcement, and patience.
  • At Little Hands school, we inculcate joy of learning at an early age, thus providing a framework in which both intellectual and social disciplines go hand in hand.
  • We provide a caring atmosphere where each child will feel happy, safe and secure and acquire a sense of belonging.
  • Our aim is to provide outstanding basic education for children, through creative play and learning experiences to help the children reach their potential.


  • Playgroup, Nursery, Nursery, and kindergarten (2.3 years).
  • Comprehensive curriculum including extra-curricular activities such as Music, Arts, Computers, and Games.
  • Qualified and competent staff.
  • Individual attention.
  • Outdoor play area.
  • A comprehensive Summer Camp (Optional).
  • To develop and stimulate each child to help him/her become a successful and confident member of society.
  • To ensure that parents are fully involved and well-informed of their child’s development progress and behavior.
  • To support and encourage staff to enhance their skills through continuous professional development opportunities.


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Location: D-50/1,3 Avenue Park Lane, Near SABZIST, Block-5, Clifton.

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School Hours: M-F: 8am - 3pm

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